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STILL in the FACE of the STORM

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

April's Personal Law of Attraction Story:

It was in the middle of May when I landed home from Manhattan. It was a great weekend

visiting one of my friends in the City. We went to brunch, toured the city, met new friends and shared many laughs. As I arrived home that Sunday I knew I had a busy week ahead. Client meetings, property showings and of course, recording videos for my Channels. As the week sped on so, did my work. It seemed as if a truck load of stress got dumped on my back, I felt tired, exhausted, and drained at that. One evening in particular I will never forget. We met a client for dinner, as we did most nights. Working late hours into the evening, entertaining and enjoying their presence. However, something was different with this evening, something strange. The client was different with us.

On this particular evening he shamed us, bashed us, put us down and degraded us. He made us feel small from his distorted perspective. He made false claims, as if he only remembered parts of the story. It was in this very moment my soul got lost in space. I gazed across the dinning room at the booth farthest from us. His words fell to a soft murmur and I felt I was floating in my own timeline. As his negativity became quieter, my thoughts became louder. I heard the same words slowly grow aggressively louder. "I would rather fucking kill myself than deal with this." My heart became heavy, my breath lost it's life. I felt dead inside but still unbothered. As this moment of truth strung on me, I slowly regained conscious awareness and shifted my gaze back to the client, before smiling and writing off the moment I experienced.

As the dinner came to an end I drove home in pure silence. My thoughts were shot and blank, I was unable to process what had just happened. After I backed my car into the garage, I sat there and let loose. Emotions poured from my eyes and my heart as I felt trapped in my own worst nightmare. After thirty straight minutes of sobbing I gathered myself together and went straight to my bed. As my head hit the pillow, so did the rest of my tears. This is one of the nights I cried myself to sleep. I had no idea then, what would happen the next day.

The next morning was a standard 'typical Tuesday.' I woke up a little later than expected. I was emotionally drained and physically drained and therefore 'Snooze' became my best friend. As my phone kept buzzing, I quickly came to realize I was receiving a call and not an alarm. As I looked at my phone, my incoming call read 'Grandpa'. It was odd to me because Grandpa does not call unless it's for something major or something special. I knew in this moment that 8:30am on a 'typical Tuesday' was not a call for something special. I answered the call as chipper as I could, but caught my

Grandpa in a doozy. He was frantic, panicking, gasping for air. "Grandma had an accident! She had a clot in her brain and fell on the floor! She hit her head during the fall. She's now being airlifted to a bigger hospital." His breath was frantic, only allowing as many words out as his lungs could catch a breathe. My grandmother passed away that day, and unexpectedly, our chapter with her came to an end. My whole world changed in the days ahead, this was the beginning.

As I arrived back in Michigan to join my extended family and celebrate the life of my Grandma D., I made a stop in Lansing to visit another set of my grandparents, Grandma and Grandpa T. Coming to Michigan was frequent for me as I traveled to and from Florida every three week for three years. During this duration, I helped care of my Grandma and Grandpa T. as their health was declining significantly. My grandfather could hardly move and had lost all strength in his body. He was a mentally strong man and kept his strength in his mind. My grandmother was a chatter box and loved to play with flowers and giggle with the girls. She was my best friend and soulmate. We grew together so much during this period and I knew I would be with her through to the end. As I arrived at her house, her caregiver approached me about having her take 'one last trip' to Florida. We promised Grandma we would take her on one last trip when she was ready. It was to my surprise that her 'Ready' would be now.

Stressed and confused, I booked the flights to take her to Florida after my other Grandma's funeral. I headed north to join the remainder of my father's family and celebrate the life of my Grandma D. It was a beautiful weekend together and many laughs were shared along with tears. It was a Full Moon Eclipse in my sign that weekend, in the sign of Sagittarius. During the time together, I met my Uncles new wife, Linda, who is a Light Code Healer. During the Full Moon Eclipse Linda performed a Light Code Healing for me in the center of my grandparents lake during sunset. The healing was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Linda's ability to heal and her passion for love and light is unlike anything I've experienced before.

The next morning I woke to find an email for a collaboration offer on one of my YouTube Channels. It was one of the first, biggest collaborations I had ever received. However, this wasn't the biggest news. A few hours later, I received a call from my Broker. At this point in time I had my condo up for sale for ten months and twenty days.

The reason my listing sat for so long is because I put my condo for sale miles above the market appraisal value. I waited for the right buyer, one who didn't need financing and would close the deal with a significant downpayment. I renovated this condo from head to toe and wouldn't part ways with it unless I got my price. To my surprise, the buyer was patient with me. I explained the scenario of what was going on in my life (the passing of my grandmother and the plan of taking my other grandmother to Florida).

The buyer was understanding and patient to the best of their ability. During my grandma's famous trip to Florida, she was able to see my first major interior design project and and my first major renovation project, my condo. We then ventured her to my first commercial development project, the Wyndham Garden off of International Drive in Orlando, Florida.

After visiting the property, we took grandma to a property showing for a house I found on the flight down to Florida. Because my buyer's were being patient with their offer, I had to hurry and located a house I felt was perfect for me. The market at the time was hotter than it's ever been. Houses were flying off the market within days. Some properties received 10+ offers in a day. After visiting the house, I decided I loved the neighborhood but didn't love the house. Feeling frustrated and defeated I gave up my search and focused on my grandmother. She was not too pleased with the amount of work I was carrying on my shoulders, but I was in the storm and I knew it was something I had to do. It was time to push.

As the evening came to an end and grandma finally rested her head on the pillow, it was well past midnight. She was full of energy and life during her trip, I had never seen her that spunky. Racing to beat the clock, I knew I had to crunch down and get serious about this new house I needed.

I had been manifesting this moment for a year, maybe even more than that. This very moment I was experiencing, was on different parts on my Vision Board. The offer on the Condo; The purchase of the new house; The lake community and pool in the backyard. All of this was what I was manifesting, I just couldn't see it yet, it was all still unfolding.

By the time the clock ticked 7:00am, my grandmas eye's opened slowly to find me deep in financial analysis. During her rest, I had put together a four page renovation budget for a house in the neighborhood I loved, but had yet to even visit. The property was only on the market for two days and I saw the beauty in the bones and layout. I knew it would be a big project, but I knew it was everything I was looking for. I messaged my broker as early as possible that morning and stated I needed to see the house. At my first free available opportunity I went to see the house. This time I went alone, two days later when my grandma was resting. After negotiation, my offer was accepted on the new property and the buyers for my condo patiently stood by.

As I flew my grandma back to Michigan, both contracts were signed for the sale of my condo and the purchase of my house. Within one month, both deals were officially closed. My life completely changed in those two weeks; two weeks of my life's biggest storm.

If I had known then, what I know now, I wouldn't have been as stressed as I was in those moments. I would have taken an extra minute to be grateful for the chaos. It was in my biggest storm where I found stillness; where I came to a place of surrender. When I found myself lost and sucked out of life, hitting road block after road block, to loss of my loved ones; it was in these moments where my manifestations came full circle.

When we finally hit a state of 'surrender' and allow the universe to guide us, our biggest blessings begin to flow. When we surrender, we release the resistance we hold to what we desire. It opens up an energetic pathway that allows room for blessings to come.

I couldn't see it then, but I am able to see it now. You'r biggest storm is your place of surrender. When you find stillness in your storm, your blessings will pour on you. Accept your state of 'surrender', Take a deep breath and tell the universe, "I am ready to receive my gifts."

Written by: April Kudwa

Self-Mastery Mentor


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